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RE: Did this DIY this weekend.

I have a 01/08 build E92 and did the DIY this weekend. I only had two issues, removing the rubber boot and getting the Nylon Shift Lever Bearing to lock when inserting it with the shift lever.

Removing the boot is just ridiculously hard. No easy way to do it, I tried from above and below and every which way, just use patience is all I could say.

Nylon Shift Lever Bearing for me did not want to lock when I was pressing it down. I am still not sure if it properly locked or it I just jammed it in so it is now stuck. I did read all the DIY's carefully and aligned it properly. It seems like I did it correctly I am pretty handy with DIY but in this instance I could not figure out if it was properly snapped in. It would not snap in and I could lift the lever up. I finally pressed it down at which time it seemed like it was in, no snap was heard or felt but I think I finally got it. Only time will tell, the shift lever does not appear capable of being lifted up anymore so I think I finally got it in.

As for the post above, on my build the lever appears fine. It is now, notchy, as others have explained, specially 1 and 2 gear. Feel better to me. All in all with only two days under my belt I much prefer the shifting feel now. Specially changing from 4 to 5. Before I felt like I would have to move in my seat to get it thrown all the way to the right, so I could have enough extension, now its a much shorter and more comfortable throw. I do wonder if this lever is the best for the E92 I will wait and see if a short shifter is made specifically for the E92 and what differences it will have.
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