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Here's an earlier post:

Originally Posted by FieldingMellish View Post
Really? That is news to me, I was pretty sure the problem only applied to pre-ED 320i engines. I can't claim to know to what extent the 'new' ED engine is an entirely new engine, but I'd assumed that BMW had, in the course of either renewing or tweaking the engine, fixed the problem. I think somone explicitly confirmed this, but can't recall who.

By the way, does the problem affect the (older, pre-ED) 318i? If not, why not? Isn't it the same engine, tuned down? If it doesn't then maybe it is a software issue?
I am now having a problem with my 'new\ ie ED-engined, 318i:

So, 3 questions:

1. Did nobody ever have the 320i problem in their 318i?

2. Since the ED engine is 'new', and (I believe) features a new injector system, should we not be able to say - with some degree of confidence - that the ED cars will not have this problem?

3. Is a shaking gear stick a symptom of the problem? Do any of you guys have a shaking gear stick?