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Originally Posted by brtnrdr1x View Post
thanks for all the info..i defintitely need the 15k..not too sure of the money factor, and i'm putting fees down anyway, was just trying to get it as close to 600$ a month as i could so 4000$ including about 1500$ in tax/license/registration is fine with me..and its an (E90)..n sal i'm gonna give u a call when i get my least possible monthly payment, my friends uncle is close with the owner of a bmw around here, i think he said he might do 620$, which in the end he's only making around 1500$ profit...and oh yea..can u get the car serviced anywhere? or the dealer you bought it from? because i taked to the salesperson about modifying some parts and he said that the service area really doesn't mind anything too much..
you can have the car serviced at any BMW service center