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Looking to buy... confused over engine to pick


I've been reading your fine board for a while and need some advice. I'm looking to get a used E91 in the next few months. I'm stuck on engine choice which is hampering purchase plans as I can't decide.

We do 26,000 miles a year so economy has to be taken into account. Current car is a 190hp Celica (get 32mpg). Normal commute is 35miles round trip on congestion free M-Way and we travel loads up to the highlands which is a joy in the Celica .

Options are :-

(1) Get a 320d 163hp model pre ED and save some money.
(2) Wait and try to pick up a 320d ED 177hp car in a month or two.
(3) Buy a slightly older 325d/330d

What I need to know is,

- Is a EffDyn's car really 10mpg better then the old engine in real life.

- Can you get 50mpg out of a 325/330 on a run (forums suggest avg 45)

- Having test driven a 320d 177 ED and 325d liked both will the 163hp engine feel like a let down.

Many thanks for your help and go easy on this newbie.