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Originally Posted by Rocket850
Are you going to carry 200 plus audio CD's in your car??? Itís called compromise. BMW doesn't have high end audio anyway so I'm not sure what the issue is. Throw in road noise and other distractions and I can handle MP3 quality with the flexibility of having thousands of songs at my finger tips.
It's not an issue, thus no need to be defensive. I'm merely expressing my opinion on the matter.

If the MP3 quality is ok for you, that's fine, it's your choice.
But, my point is it is NOT hi fidelity/high quality.
I've explained extraneous noise/sound vs. sound source quality, they are not the same.

Also, I spoke of spending money to make my BMW sound system better. I agree the basic BMW 3 series audio is not so great.
I have not tried the Logic7 yet, but I am getting that on my 330i.

Yes, it is a compromise, one I don't need to make. I am pointing out that a lot of people do, and that a lot of people don't or won't know what "good" audio is because of the marketing towards "more is better" rather than "better quality is better."