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I have a 330d auto on a 56 plate and I'm sure the auto saps the juice a little. I am only getting 33mpg but my daily commute is only 20 mins in traffic (12 miles each way) most of the time and the engine will hardly be warmed up. I drive fairly relaxed most of the time (due to the auto box) but give my right foot a good prod now when I can - who doesn't?

I was getting around 37mpg when commuting 25 miles each way and mostly free flowing traffic and was happy with this v's performance

On a longer run 50 miles + when I have re-set the av mpg I can get 41mpg but never have I had anywhere near the BMW claimed 45+mpg.

My car has been mapped 3 weeks ago (275ps) and this hasn't eally effected mpg at all although not yet tested it on a long run yet.

The latest 6 cylinder BMW diesels are about the best there is. I'm sure either the 163 or 177 320d is a fine car and will give you 50mpg but depends if you want that extra refinement as a trade off against mpg.

Whick ever you go for I would consider a re-map to boost the power


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