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here are some of the things i do when getting a new car

1-always buy some winter floor mats while your waiting

2-free some space in your garage for you new baby and it's stuff

3-if you have a dog .. get some seat covers that match your interior

4-this one is not a must but is something I always do ... make and new CD to listen to when you first drive your car off the lot. since it's only happening once, why not make it perfect and handpick some of your fav tracks and listen to them on that special day ^_^ ... all these songs will have a special sentimental value in a while also take your time when making it, you have lots of time

5-buy a touch up paint bottle ... you never know when you'll need it

6-buy some basic mods that you can't go wrong with (spoilers, emblems, trims) ... I prefer not to buy major stuff then regret getting them and lose $$$ for selling them later because they didn't turnout to be as good as I imagined when ordering

7-make a list of what mods you like and are interested in and do some researches on them and pick whichs suit you and has the best value

8-daily call your dealer and ask the same question: "where the hell is my car"

hmmmmmm thats all I could think of now

would love to know what others do to pass the time

have fun all
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