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Be very cautious about getting your car serviced at Eastside. If you value your paint job at all, definitely do NOT let them wash your car.
I'm still dealing with the aftermath of a simple oil change turned disaster. Before I explain I will say that the sales experience there was good. I worked with Jay (can't remember his last name, older guy with gray hair) and he wasn't pushy at all and made the transaction very easy.

Now for the service dept... I took my car in December for it's first annual oil change. Seemed like it went pretty well, my wife babysat the car for me while it was there and made sure they didn't wash it. Came home, car looked fine. Over the next few weeks I noticed dash lights would flash on randomly and my speedo would drop to zero. Finally take it in and they say "oh, this is a serious issue, you need to leave it". Reluctantly I left the car with them. Three days later they have it fixed, turns out the battery cable was not tight on the terminal... One, I know the last people to touch that were the guys doing the oil change and two, why did it take three days to check the battery cable?
Anyway, I told my SA NOT to wash the car while it was there. He said oh yeah, no prob and wrote that in highlighter on the service order... When I pick it up it had obviously been washed, and a poor job at that(there had been bird poop on the car and there were clean spots amid the dirt left). It also looked like they'd taken a brillo pad to the car instead of a wash mit.... I'm picky about how my car looks but by any standards it looked bad. Deep scratches all over the car. And the SA tried to say they never washed it! Finally he said they could buff it out at their shop, I said no way and left.
Called back the next day and talked to the service manager. He agreed to have another detail shop fix it.... long story short on that, not even close, still looked like crap. So I pester them again, this time I have to talk to the General manager, he agrees to have another "high end" shop detail it... looks better but still not even close to how it was before I took it to Bellevue BMW.

To sum it all up, I've had to spend way more time at Bellevue BMW than I ever should and they irreparably damaged the paint on my car. Worst part about that, the SA and the service manager don't really get that it's a problem... guess they never had black cars or they're the kinda guys who are ok with driving their car through a brush car wash.

I held my tongue about the whole deal hoping that Bellevue would redeem themselves and restore the car to it's condition before I took it in but that hasn't happened and never will. On top of that, the people I've dealt with in service have not been "customer" oriented and have treated me very poorly.