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Hmm, I haven't had a "bad" experience there per se, but they did wash my car. It was my own stupid fault for telling them not to. Every dealership swirls and scratches the paint when they wash it. The lot attendants don't give a crap about your car. You're just a number in that respect. From now on though I plan on putting a big sign in the windows saying "No Wash" and just to make sure "No Lavadora"

I had a bulb out error and the guys there fixed me up pretty good when the appointment finally came due. I will complain about one thing though; it takes way too long to schedule service there. I routinely change my oil ever few thousand miles, and was going to do it at the dealership. When I found out how much they charged and how long I'd have to wait to get it in I turned around and called Strictly. I got in a couple days later, brought my own oil and was only charged like $20 bucks. Compared that to the $70 dealership oil change and the 3 week lead time...