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Has anyone actually had their 320 cured yet???

My car is an 07 plate BMW 320i M Sport Convertible. 7000 miles on the clock and I purchased it in January.

So far, mine has been in to the dealer 6 times. In addition to the manufacturers recall for the airbags, its had various sensors, plugs, things stuck up its exhaust, numerous software updates, new control units and yet I still get the power loss at 1500rpm and also 1900rpm. Oh and now its got an exhaust rattle!!! (the technician said its a raspy exhaust!!! Funny that, cos it didnt have a raspy exhaust when I bought it and now it does!)

Anyway, i've been in touch with BMW customer services and also BMW financial services as I wish to reject the vehicle. I have totally lost confidence in the car as I have been given the car back that many times with people telling me its fixed and yet I drive 500yards up the road and it starts playing up again.

Financial Services started a 'PUMA' case to attempt to find out what had caused the problems.

Friday of last week, the car was fitted with new spark plugs. Now I must admit this really improved the problem but the car was still far from right and still had the occasional loss of power. I immediately took the car back and took the Master Technician out in the car to show him. He admitted that he felt a power loss on more than one occasion.

On monday BMW financial services explained to me that a gentleman would be out to test the vehicle on wednesday and if he confirmed there was a problem, BMW would look to put me into a like for like vehicle which was brand new. He also stated, if the gentleman could not confirm that he felt there was a significant problem, BMW UK would not be able to support me in helping me out of the vehicle.


Today, apparently the "TOP" man in the country who deals with this type of thing, (Lloyd something or other) was in Coventry and test drove my vehicle. Now, despite the Technician at the dealership testing my car on friday and us both feeling the judder a couple of times, this Lloyd chap has decided that there is nothing wrong with my vehicle at all. ?????????

The dealer has told me that on this basis BMW uk will not support any sort of Vehicle exchange or cancellation of contract.

One of the Servicing managers at the dealers said to me, and i quote "well its 20 times better than it was"!!! Well 20 times better than broken then!!!???? Therefore its still not fixed! Cos if it was fixed then surely he would have said it is fixed NOT it is 20 times better than it was!

Whilst I cannot knock the dealership as they have been most helpful and even now they are doing there best to help me out at dealership level, BMW UK are giving me the run around. This situation has gone on since January.

I plan to take this a lot further and get the vehicle checked out independantly to prove I am not just losing my marbles. Can anyone advise where I could do this? Or if anyone has any information that may add to my case I would be really appreciative.