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hi James....sorry to hear ur tales of woe.......but im afraid its a bit of "welcome aboard"!!
..if u read back in this thread ul get the picture from all the 320 drivers of similar issues....and after 6 months of it u get just a little p***ed off with it all!!

...BMW basically dont know how to fix it!! looks like they will try replacing all the bits uv mentioned and the software upgrades etc...but we are still waiting for the latest theyve been hanging their cap on that solving it when clearly its a combination of them all ...well thats my theory!! far as replacing the car...i think theyve pulled a fast one on u there! be tempted to put all ur points in writing and get BMW CS to replay in writing stating that the car is fixed!....then get it test driven again and prove it not to be!..maybe someone can advise using an independant ( say AA) the moment many of us do have BMW admitting there's is a prob but they are def not talking about replacing the cars..just of fixing....or not!!!! for the mpg....ur doing better than on 26 ish!! doubt speak to you soon......

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