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I-Drive Navigation Retrofit!


I know pretty much everyone here either has i-drive or went the cheap way with an aftermarket GPS. However, I have a NUVI and still want my idrive navigation setup. ....and no...I'm not going to buy a new car. I've seen a few people on these forums express interest in this, so I'm going to push forward and make this work.

I'd like to start a technical topic here on the retrofit of the Navigation Professional system on an E90. I'm going to do it. Of course, cost is an issue, but I plan to do all I can (labor wise) and just pay the stealer for the programming and such. I'll make a DIY page with pics when I'm done.

My car is a US 2007 e90 335i sedan with Logic 7 audio, factory bluetooth, and BMW (SOS) assist. I have scoured all of the forums, looked at the TIS, attempted to review the wiring diagrams (for which I could find) and have already purchased some parts out of a wrecked 320d from the UK. The parts I have already are the CCC/SatNav DVD drive, the 8.8" screen, a wiring harness, the i-drive controller, and I've downloaded the torrent of a 2007 nav-professional map. All I need (I think) is a dashboard, and a bunch of knowledge before I rip my car apart.

There's a couple of questions (with many more to follow) that someone must know:

1) If I have BMW (SOS) assist, is the shark fin antenna already equipped with the guts needed for satnav?
2) It doesn't appear (from the site) that there is a difference in dashboard wiring harnesses from a regular car to one equipped with i-drive. I can't quite believe this. If this is true, I should have an idrive controller knob connector under the center console...I can't seem to find it.
3) I know the dashboard is different...almost $700 new, hopefully less at a salvage place. How hard is this to change? doesn't look too bad on paper. I'm most worried about pulling out the a-pillar airbag-curtains.
4) My steering wheel buttons (on the right) are slightly different than an i-drive car...but when equipped with a CCC, will the car see them as the optional programmable keys?
5) I have yet to figure out the difference between I-drive controller knobs/buttons. There is a "high" model, but I have no idea what the rest is about. The one I received with my kit from the UK has one "menu" button. Most I see pictures of have two menu button and one with voice assist. Another question there such thing as a factory i-drive install without voice assist?

If anyone has any of this info, or is in a position to try this install also (or has already done so!) - please chime in!