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Originally Posted by dxb335d View Post
I have driven Sj car, and although i didnt push it round any bends (only in a straightline) i didnt notice any ill handling, im sure they handle mighty fine but would have to compare coupe vs vert on track. The weight alone is a deficit.
Carlos - do you only judge a car by it's performance round a track??

Surely not?

All car's have different benefits and compromises - yes, the couple will almost certainly handle a little better than the 'vert BUT the vert has been designed with the extra weight in mind and the chassis tuned appropriately during the design stages.

The trade off for the slight dulling in performance is the ability to drop the roof and enjoy open top motoring without any unsightly roll bars whilst still having four full seats and decent performance.

BMW even uprated the engine in the verts - my 325i has a 3.0 litre, the equivalent 325i coupe at the time was only a 2.5 litre. This was BM's way of trying to address the trade off.

Just because it might go round the track a second slower does not make it a worse car. Not many people drive around the road like knobs thrashing the nuts out of there cars anyhow, so would be unlikely to notice any of the issues,

You really should get into the real world. 99.99% of motorists NEVER put there car on a track. There cars will have been designed for road use! They will be happy with there road use performance.

Your constant 0-60, 0-100, 1/4 mile, time round a track, etc yardsticks are pretty pointless on todays speed camera'd, traffic congested roads surely?

I am not just saying this cos I drive a vert, cos it seems any car that anybody raves about on here, you seem to have an arguament not to buy it/drive it cos there is a better alternative.

There will ALWAYS be a better alternative, but may not provide what the prospective owner requires from there new proud purchase!