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OK general advice required

Its been a month and three days since i started my ignition for the first time and i have loved the car ever since so far its got 1,100 miles on the clock

I haven't opened to bonnet once since i picked up the car at the dealership, is this a bad thing?

Can i simply rely on idrive to tell me everything like oil levels, tyre pressure, etc?

How often do i require to top up the water in the radiator? I haven't since i bought the car!

I'm going on a 300 mile round trip this weekend, anything in particular i should check for?

Your input will be greatly appreciated!
E92 320SE Automatic, Sparkling graphite, Jade Grey Dakota Leather, Pro Nav/IDrive, Bluetooth, USB/IPOD, HiFi Loudspeaker System, Auto Rain/Light Sensor