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lol i think its handy to look in the engine to see whats what

When i got my car, it felt like an age before i topped up the windscreen wash..... i eventually totalled it up that it was pushing onto about 3 Months... I do alot of motorway driving and that uses alot, but i got mine in the summer and for about 3 months it lasted... it averaged 2 months trough the winter!!

I cant say i have ever topped radiator water up.... i check the levels of all the fluids including the oil everytime i wash the car, something i love about the beemer is that its not using any! and its a diesel! My last new car ate oil....

Make sure you have warm clothing and some snaks the weather is predicting snow this weekend..... have a full tank of fuel and maybe fill your washer up with a concentrated fluid... Make sure your tyre pressures are as they should be, the levels are on the inside of the drivers door next to your seat..

Apart from that have a good trip