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Originally Posted by NPinUK
Hi David,

I have been busy detailing my car (following your guide) this week in the few hours I get in the evenings and I must say the results are astonishing. I want to thank you for your write up and persoanlly I would shake your hand if I could.

I do have a couple of questions if you don't mind me asking?

1. Instead of putting SG on 1/3 of hood and buffing off like you mentioned I found that putting it on in even smaller amounts ,say few lines at a time, and then buffing off straight away befeore it completely dries is more effective with better results. However I wanted to know if this ok?

2. You mentioned that the cure time for SG is at least 24hrs before the nxt coat can be applied or it can come in conatct with moisture. I want to know if the cure time can be reduced if the temperature in the garage is increased say using a electric heater or will this have a negative affect on the SG. When I say increase the temperature I only mean slightly and not so its baking hot.

Once again Thanks.
Hey man. I'm glad things are aorking out well for you!

To you r questions:

1. You can wipe SG on and off on smaller sections if you wish. I just used the 1/3 of the hood as a guide.

2. You can't accelerate the cure time with heat unfortunately. Curing is not really drying like you are thinking.