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Originally Posted by bablo View Post
Its been a month and three days since i started my ignition for the first time and i have loved the car ever since so far its got 1,100 miles on the clock

I haven't opened to bonnet once since i picked up the car at the dealership, is this a bad thing?

Can i simply rely on idrive to tell me everything like oil levels, tyre pressure, etc?

How often do i require to top up the water in the radiator? I haven't since i bought the car!

I'm going on a 300 mile round trip this weekend, anything in particular i should check for?

Your input will be greatly appreciated!
You really need to open the bonnet if for no other reason than to marvel at that powerplant. You should be ashamed of yourself for not doing so yet.

Since there isn't a physical dipstick you do have to rely on the computer (not necessarily iDrive) to tell you when you need oil. A good quality tyre pressure gauge is indispensible for any car owner; get one soonest and check the pressures often and don't rely on the local petrol station's air gauge. You will need to know where to add washer fluid. On a new car you should not have to top up the coolant in the radiator and if you do so this soon you have a problem that needs to be sorted quickly. I check mine every year when winterizing, though, and it's not needed any. My truck on the other hand drinks like a fish: petrol with an anti-freeze chaser.

Before you go on your trip you should (to give you piece of mind) check the coolant level when the engine is cold. Then warm up the engine per the manual (you have read the manual, haven't you?) and check the oil level. Check the tyre pressures cold and adjust as needed. Reset the FTM or TMPS once the tyres are properly inflated. Top up the washer fluid. Take a look at the clutch and brake reservoirs to ensure they've not dropped below minimum and take it to the dealership if it has. Get a good night's sleep. Enjoy the trip.

Oh, yeah, forgot to mention. Fill the fuel tank.
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