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Originally Posted by bablo View Post
Its been a month and three days since i started my ignition for the first time and i have loved the car ever since so far its got 1,100 miles on the clock

I haven't opened to bonnet once since i picked up the car at the dealership, is this a bad thing?

Can i simply rely on idrive to tell me everything like oil levels, tyre pressure, etc?

How often do i require to top up the water in the radiator? I haven't since i bought the car!

I'm going on a 300 mile round trip this weekend, anything in particular i should check for?

Your input will be greatly appreciated!

No point in opening the bonnet to check the oil .. since the petrol cars have no physical dipstick,

I haven't checked coolant levels in any car for at least 5 years and 150,000 miles My experience is that modern cars don't loose coolant unless there is a problem. Years ago a stone chip in the radiator was relatively common. Doesn't seem to be such a risk these days.

I would closely watch tyre pressures though. The low profile tyres on these cars are at relatively high pressures and they do drop over time. Running RFT's at lower pressures will cause seriously premature wear. Because of the reinforced sidewall they don't look low, so it would be a good habit to check every couple of weeks.