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Originally Posted by OliH View Post
You're nearly at average now, which is 12-15k per year - Are you walking everywhere for the next two years?? I get only my servicing done at the dealer, for the stamp, everything else is done in house which genuine parts(that is of course if I keep a car long enough!!!).

Ref pads and discs @ 40k, that is common - As someone already said no asbestos in pads anymore, and are harder as a result, they therefore last longer now, and the discs dont.
Yeah but i wont do more than 5-6k this year i dont rekon.

either way when our cars are three years old, with average, or just over, or just under average mileage spec will come into it. On top of that its only the major low miles that will hold a premium.

I dont really care cuz i aint taken no ''hit'' on it anyhow

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