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Originally Posted by dxb335d View Post
Yeah but i wont do more than 5-6k this year i dont rekon.

either way when our cars are three years old, with average, or just over, or just under average mileage spec will come into it. On top of that its only the major low miles that will hold a premium.

I dont really care cuz i aint taken no ''hit'' on it anyhow


You will never keep the milage down to 5 or 6k a year as you enjoy driving to much. That means you will go from 100 mile a day habbit to 100 miles per week and it ain't gona happen.

To be honest if you do say 12k per year you will have a 60k 3 yr old car and the trade diffence between that and a 50k car will be about 1,000 probably so you might as well go and enjoy your miles.
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