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*Wastegate Ticking Noise Found*

***EDIT #3***

I drove around for a couple days with no sound, and then it came back again. The shim that I put in the space fell out while I was driving.
I took my car to my friend's shop because we truly wanted to get to the bottom of this.

I took my DPs off the car so I could see a little bit better with what exactly was going on.

We took the vacuum line off the rear actuator and connected a hand pump to it.
We activated the actuator (with the hand pump) closing the wastegate until the actuator couldn't move any further.
At the maximum closing capacity of the actuator, the wastegate was still opem a little bit and the wastegate could be easily moved by the hand.
This is the "ticking" sound that we are hearing because the wastegate is banging up against the seal.
It turned out that BMW is correct with their fix.

It turns out that the temporary fix that I came up with helped prevent the wastegate from moving while it was in the closed position, but it should not be done for a permanent fix whatsoever.

BMW claims that there is no loss of power while the ticking noise is present, but I disagree with this.
I agree that there is no loss of power under full boost, since the boost will help keep the wastegate closed but I believe that under part throttle there is a loss of some power. Since the wastegate isn't closing properly then the amount of lag will increase with a leaking wastegate since there will be some leakage before the system builds boost, therefore creating more of a lag.

I personally recommend that you get this taken care of at the dealer.

**EDIT #2**

The temporary fix is on page 7, post number 142, and 145.


I found that the reason for the ticking is due to the rear wastegate coming loose.

I am trying to find the reason with why the wastegates are loosening without bringing my car to the dealer.
To those who think that I am wasting my time or those who are wondering why I would spend all this time, well--I really enjoy problem solving.
This is a hobby.
Hopefully I could find an ultimate solution instead of a band aid like adding a washer to prevent the vibration.

This is NOT due to DPs.
People that have OEM DPs are having the same issue!

First of all, Thank you so much to cbad335!

I'm pretty sure that I found the problem to the wastegate ticking noises.
Now, I just need your advice and opinions on what to do with finding a solution.

Also, What would be really great is for everyone out there including people that are not experiencing the ticking noises to see if they also have slack in this line. Please check to see if this rod is loose. I'll bet you anything that it's not.
Please check to see if there is anything that I am missing.
Do you have something in the space that I don't?

After reading this post from cbad335:

I was told by a dealership mechanic last week that BMW has recently come up with a fix for this problem that will be available soon. The mechanic told me that the ticking is a small metal rod in the waste gate that loosens w/ it's connecting part, producing the rattle. He went on to say, as Mr. 5 stated, that there is no performance loss or damage to the engine, just a horrible ticking sound. Previously, the only way to fix this problem was to replace the entire turbo, which BMW is unwilling to do now. I was told that if the rattling sound I was having turned out to be the ticking waste gate issue, I would be sent home w/ my car until the "fix" was available, at which time they would call me to schedule the repair. Fortunately for me, my rattling sound was a connection to the retrofitted oil cooler hoses that needed to be placed at a different angle; it was vibrating against another part.

I took a couple vids.
The first one is to show you how loose my connecting rod was.

I then took a vid to show you how the sound got a bit quieter when I put pressure on the rod. Just before I turn off the camera, you can hear it getting louder. Unfortunately, I didn't have anyone to rev up the engine while I was putting pressure on it, but I don't know if that would have been that safe anyway since the engine shifts around and i wouldn't want my arm to get smushed.

Anyway, solutions are welcome. Of course, filling up the gap is one idea but lets' talk about what kind of slack is needed? Polyuerathane spacers or something? I don't know. Let's come up with some ideas.

I've attached pics with where exactly it's loose.

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