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Originally Posted by Mr. 5 View Post
I tried this and it's not the cause because the metal bar is also screwed.
In order to create tension, you will need to take apart everything and unscrew the metal piece a full rotation and then screw down the 10mm nut.
This isn't the cause because there was no way that this happened by itself.
Oh I see what U mean...If thats the case maybe bring it to a mechanic with a lift and try to get at it underneath, would be your best approach....I carefully listened to your video and your RIGHT! the ticking noise was noticeably different when u placed tension on it...What u need to do is have someone rev the engine while you place tension on it to see if it does solve the problem...Make sure the engine is not too hot and wear some long sleeve shirt with gloves!! Idling made some difference, but I think you need to see rpms of 3000 to see if tension of this rod really makes the ticks go away...Ask your wife to help u out!!!