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This is my 5th turbo car, not saying that I know a lot about turbos, but one common thing with all internally gated turbos, like our stock turbos, is that the wastegate parts (diaphram rod, c-clip, flapper, flapper rod) should not slide AT ALL under all conditions, which means everything should be spot on from manufacturer, as well as the compressor & turbine wheels to the shaft connecting the wheels & the bearings around it. I don't know how yours happened, but saying that the engine's vibration causes the problem is a complete joke. It's either your turbo is somehow a defective unit, or improper installation procedure, or the downpipes weren't made perfectly. I would lean towards the downpipe design because I'd seen many pictures where the pipes are touching each other, and when you are boosting, generating 1200+F of heat, even iron would soften a bit, plus the "not-so-well-made" downpipes, everything shifts. My cousin has an 07 335xi, bone stock with 24k on the clock, it sounds and drives like when he took delivery.