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My third Track Day

I was lucky enough to be invited to another track day, this one at Eastern Creek, and I must say it was one of the greatest motoring experiences of my life.

The day was run by race legend Jim Richards and his team of drivers and his Porsche 911's, Boxster and BMW 1 series racecars.

First up, after a great breakfast and a brief intro, was some track time on the main circuit in our own cars.

We were divided up into groups of similar cars and we had one of the professionals in a racecar acting as pace car.

There were some slow groups (eg cars consisting of a Mazda 6, Lexus RX330, etc) and faster groups (like ours) which consisted of 911’s and an E46 M3).

We absolutely flew around the track. I was revving to the limiter nearly all the time. It was brilliant.

Next we headed to the Figure 8 Track where two BMW 120’s were waiting.

Video of Figure 8:

They were ex-“celebrity race” cars and we drove around the figure 8 as fast as we could for timed laps. It was dusty and slippery and the 120’s were so slow but we had a good laugh and lots of fun.

We broke for a beautiful lunch and then came the really big thrill. Hot laps in the Porsche GT 2 and 3 racecars with the professional drivers. I have never ever had such an experience in my life. I went in the 911 GT2 that Jim raced (and won) in the Targa Tasmania. These cars are in a different universe compared to my 911 Carrera S or my previous 335i.

The acceleration, g-forces and braking were amazing.

I could feel the blood moving side to side in my face and had very limited control over my arms when taking the photos and movies.

Videos of hot-laps:

I have been for rapid drives in a 335i, M5, M6, CL55 and 911 turbo (996) before but this race modified GT2 was so fast and so on the edge it was terrifying. The driver I had was David Wall who races in the Carrera Cup series. His nickname is “Cyclone” for very good reason. A great guy too.

The final stage was the skidpan which a few here have done before. We were given Porsche Boxster S’s to drive through witches hats making sharp turns, contesting a slalom and then a “garage”. We were each timed so there were lots of slides and hat knockdowns. I loved it. The Boxster’s are really fun cars with lovely balance. I would to take one on a country drive through some twisty bits.

Video of skidpan:

I must say Jim Richards is one of the nicest blokes you could ever meet. He talked to everyone at length and even entertained my ramblings for quite some time. There were quite few nice cars there such as an E93 335, Audi S8, Aston Martin DB9 and a 4-seater Maserati.

The day was so professionally run and I was on a high for days afterwards. I can highly recommend it.

I hope you enjoyed my report.


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