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you know he kills little girls like you
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Originally Posted by jdink View Post
ignore everyone and listen to me!!!!! haha

1) Get a tune installed on your 335 (even if you could beat him stock, you mind as well wipe the floor with him)

2) Waffle on the topic with him a lot and pretend not to be confident.

3) Tell him your stock, even when you arn't (anymore)

4) Tell him you did some research and that you think he is only putting out 450 hp

5) After a week or 2, finally "give in" and agree to race, but get him to put up like 800 to your 40 since you "really arn't that confident"

6) Make sure he brings cash

7) Make sure you peak at his engine bay just incase he has some crazy shit in there

8) Race.

9) Kick his ass

10) Take his money.

Heh... you belong in a pool hall.