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OK, times are desperate for some tracking. We might have a live ship to track tomorrow on She is a ship full of BMWs and she is trailing Hojin to Port Hueneme. It is the Wallenius Lines Ship Carmen and she is just now leaving the English Channel tonight. She actually departed Bremerhaven on the same day as Hojin, on 4/3, but I think she has since stopped in Zeebrugge, Belgium and I know she just departed Southampton this afternoon. Even though she is currently two days behind Hojin, she is due into Port Hueneme one day after Hojin, so they are going to be close in their journey. I checked Carmen's sailwx reporting history and her staff reports weather observations on sailwx a lot! WWLines' ships are good about reporting, so I think (HOPE) that tomorrow we will be able to track her (they usually don't start reporting their weather observations until they get out into the Atlantic Ocean) on sailwx and know she is trailing Hojin by two days. I don't see her on the Boyd's PanCanal schedule, yet. I know she is going to stop in the port of Manzanillo (according to one of the AIS radar sites), which is the port at the entrance to the PanCanal. She is tentatively due into Manzanillo (PanCanal) on 4/19, again two days after Hojin.

There might be a tracking thread for Carmen started on this forum soon, once people find that their cars are on Carmen. If so, people who have a car on Carmen can check the WWLines web site (you need to enter your car's VIN #) and they will be able to see her exact schedule and they can post it on their thread. Then we will know when she is due into Manzanillo and actually know how far behind she is from Hojin.

So, let's hope she shows up sailwx tomorrow so we can track her. For now, I am posting her AIS radar screenshot as she is about to leave the English Channel tonight. She is a little to the right and to the bottom of the map.
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