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How long before your aftermarket tires go bald?

I've had 19" rims and tires on my e92 for about 3,000 miles now. About 2,000 miles in I got a razor blade stuck in 1 of the rear tires so had to have it replaced. At that point I hadn't really noticed the treadwear until the tire shop told me that my other rear tire was past the wear point and it should also be repaired.

I looked at it and thought gosh the tread does seem very low for only 2k miles, but was too cheap to change it. Now after another 1k miles (3k total on my drivers side rear tire) the thing is almost completely bald. My front tires seem to have at least 70%+ tread left but the rears are wearing like there's no tomorrow.

I'm running General Exclaim UHP and I think the rear tire size is 265/30/19, also have H&R sport springs so that may speed up the treadwear. Can you guys let me know if you experience the same issue (those with aftermarket tires), and if you don't please let me know what brand you have because I need to change these rear tires to something a bit more durable.

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