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Originally Posted by Saigon View Post
is there a chance it will be in Los Angeles before the 25th? That's what my dealer had the date scheduled at
I am sure she will arrive at the port of LA on April 25, which is her scheduled date to arrive at the port of LA, and then arrive at port Hueneme on April 26, which is her scheduled date to arrive at PH. Mercedes Benz's vehicle prep center (VPC) is at the port of LA (Carson); BMW's VPC is at port Hueneme (Oxnard). Hojin is carrying both Mercedes and BMWs (literally thousands of them). These ships are usually on schedule (occasionally they are off by one day, though, so things could change). But, here is the process, so you understand what happens once she reaches the Panama Canal region.

Hojin is due at the Atlantic side of the Panama Canal on April 17th. And, barring any really bad weather or other problems, she will make it on that date.

She is scheduled to transit the canal on April 21st, meaning it will be her turn to pass through the 51 miles of the canal system. But that is a ridiculously long time to wait in the Panama Canal region for no reason, from April 17 to April 21. Time is money. So, these ships usually transit earlier than their scheduled transit time. Presumably, she will show up at the PanCanal on April 17 as scheduled, but these super vessels never go through the canal the same day they arrive. They only start their passage through the canal system early in the morning, so that means the very earliest Hojin will start through the canal is April 18. It takes all day to go through the 51 miles of the canal system. So, if she starts at 7 a.m. (PST) on the Atlantic Ocean side, she will finish her passage on the Pacific Ocean side just before dinnertime. From there, it takes six to seven days to reach SoCal. So, if everything goes well, and she leaves the Pacific side of the PanCanal on April 18, add six to seven days to that and that will give you her arrival date at the port of LA (her first stop). Most likely they will stick to their schedules of the port of LA on April 25 and port Hueneme on April 26.

Attached is a graphic of the PanCanal system. A lot of people don't really know what the canal system looks like (I didn't) and this helps understand the lock system and what ships go through during those 51 miles. I will post this again as she gets closer to the PanCanal, but we will be able to watch her go through the Panama Canal on web cameras at the Gatun Locks, then watch her pass under the Centennial Bridge, and then watch her go through the final lock system, which is the Mira Flores Locks.

FYI-here are the schedules. You can keep an eye on them for changes.


Port Hueneme

Port of LA
You have to pay to see it. I have a subscription, but I can only see five days out. The dbhlogistics web site shows 4/25, as does the Mercedes Benz computer shows 4/25, so I am confident she is scheduled to arrive at the port of LA on 4/25.

Here is the link to the PanCanal web cameras. Take a look when you get a chance. It is better to see them during the daytime hours:
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