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Originally Posted by KaiserCO View Post
Okay so right now I'm looking at two potential options for my next car.

Option 1: Brand new 335xi coupe with sport, cold weather and premuim package

about $48,000

Option 2: 2006 530xi manual certified preowned with about 34k miles. Pretty much loaded except for no sport package and the colors aren't my first choice but i still like the way the car looks

about 39,000(msrp, probably can get another 1-2k knocked off)

so which way would you go and why? The onlyhings holding me back are the CPO warranty on the used car vs bumper to bumper warranty and ultimate service on the 3 series and Also the fact that performance wise the 335 would kill the 530.

So what do you all think? Is it worth sacrificing a lot of straight line speed for a bit roomier interior and more options?
335xi all the way

You live in Colorado - turbo is your friend, for both gas mileage and the next time you want to drive up Floyd Hill.

My 2c,