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Hey guys, I'm from SA, born and raised! Yes moded BMWs in SA are like Ferrari in Miami. Just not found everywhere. I'm currently living everywhere but permanent address is in SA. Right now I'm in Pheonix, damn Suns! I have lived in so many cities the last 5 years but there is no place like home. The guys and gals in Phoenix are pretty interesting. They have a little of the southern hospitality going on and a little Cali in them too. Interesting combo but fun. The local Arizona BMW guys are crazy fun and really into doing the mods heavy and doing it right. They know there stuff, at least the ones I know.
Coming home for business next Wednesday and fun starts on NIOSA baby (if you don't know then you better ask somebody!) Take care, YALL.

People think we are so full of ourselves just because we are the biggest state in the USA. I told this guy, " BULLSHIT! The USA is the biggest state in the country of TEXAS!"
PS: Ice doesn't count, sorry Alaska.