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BTW, there was exact reasoning I left it in. My salesman Frank (a very good guy BTW), knew I was going to be modding the car from day one, and somewhat encouraged me to bring the car back so he can see and experience the mods. The car went in for the sunroof *anti-trap* malfunction, and in light conversation on the phone later that day with Todd (SA), I mentioned that the car had poor gas mileage since day one, and asked if that was normal. That's all.. He then took it upon himself to start poking around, he found the mod, and in a round about way asked me if I had done any mods, my answer was yes (I don't lie), he said *oh, ok, no problem*, and we got off the phone. Well, the next day I get a call from Todd saying the factory rep came over to look at my car, and saw the mod, blacklisted my car and my warranty is now void.

BTW: for those here poking around about my intellect or intelligence, education or financial status, I feel that it really is a cheap shot at me, I do not know any of you on a personal basis, so I think this is really *off topic* that is not appropriate to discuss here on a chat board. I know it was not a great idea to use the *F* word here, however sometimes we all loose our cool, and for this I appologize if I offended anyone.