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Originally Posted by asdflkijd View Post
the turbo tuner isnt even an ecu tune, its basically like a manual boost controller, all it does is increase the psi... thing that should be voided is your turbo warranty not your engine as a whole... I would go ape shit on them if they ever blacklisted my car.. the rep. would have a black eye.
And you would spend a pleasant night in jail and a few enjoyable months getting a$$ raped in civil court.

Seriously, why do so many of you think that you can get a dealer to cave by throwing a hissy fit or because of who your dad is or blah blah blah etc. etc. etc.

Once these guys call it you are either going to have to pony up the $$ to hire a lawyer and fight it or have some strings to pull. Otherwise they'll just sit back and wait for you to finish, gently chuckle, then call security to haul your ass off the lot.