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Originally Posted by Motorsport View Post
Thanks so much for tracking the ship and keeping us updated. Just wanted to say that my CA told me it should be at Huenme on the 22nd alredy!
We can hope. The PH schedule still shows the 26th but I have seen that schedule change by one day, both early and late, a number of times. I have been kind of wondering if the weather out in the Atlantic is relatively good and ships are moving along fairly quickly, as there aren't a lot of them reporting on, which is where they are to report weather conditions. Don Juan isn't reporting and Carmen isn't reporting. It is like there is really nothing for them to report, weather-wise. But that is just a thought. (I actually checked the PanCanal AIS for her this morning, just in case she was in the region, but that is really a dream. She wasn't there. I will keep watching, though.)

Usually, we know more than what the CAs know, but I am open for some hopeful news! Once she starts transiting the canal, we will have a better idea of her arrival in SoCal, as most times it takes six days (sometimes seven) from the Pacific achorage of the canal to SoCal.

And, at this time, she's scheduled to stop at the port of LA first (Sorry, she has to drop off my car first. )