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pick up preparation

the location of my ship - rather the ship my car is being shipped in - was somewhere near the Maine coast two days ago. i'm hoping it arrives by the end of this month...hopefully not later than early next month.

is there a check list i should go through at the time of taking delivery of the car? anything i should look for such as shipping damage? should i demand i take the test drive before sign and finalize the deal?

please share your experience and things you wish you'd done when you picked up your car...

another thing that's been botherin me somewhat. my SA said the car - when it arrives - should have more than 20 miles on it. i've test-driven many other cars that's on the dealer lot that had less than 10...even 5 miles on it. does bmw do extensive test-drive at the factory after production is complete? how many miles did your have at the time you picked up your car?

comment appreciated