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Originally Posted by purplewidow View Post
so your not going to do it because you fucked up?

all you had to do was take the sstt out!!! it takes 20 sec wtf is the big deal? why take the chance?

so b/c you modded your car full knowing it could void your warranty you won't buy another bmw? ummm buddy audi would do the would merc so would any car manufacturuer out there...i know your pist but this is your fault..everytime take it out...hell the sstt is built for that
agreed - it's almost like the people who bring their TV's back to Best Buy or something after watching the superbowl, they get charged a 10% restocking fee, and yell that they will never shop at Best Buy again.

You do something you know can void your rights (open the item, mod the car), you run the risk of getting burned. Just don't completely wave off the company (best buy / bmw) for their policy.