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24 hour test drive in DC area?

I'm moving increasingly close to the BMW purchase, but am still having some 335 v 328 questions. I love the 335, but am left wondering if I really need that extra power, or if the 328 is good-n-plenty for my driving. But I'm not looking to turn this into a 335v328 thread.

I was considering another car pretty carefully, and the dealer let me do a 24 hour test drive - was able to put up to 100 miles on it this past weekend. Great decision, because it basically ruled out the car, it didn't do it for me.

Do any BMW dealers in the DC area do something like this? I'd like to try out a 328 for more than the typical test drive, so I can use it in my daily life and really see how it feels on the roads I drive regularly (and my favorite twisty road inside the Beltway). I realize it is a long-shot, but figured I'd see if anyone knows. Otherwise I'll just start calling around.