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We had a great time at Bimmerfest. It was nice meeting those of you that made it. We had both the E90 and the M3 on display with our turbo kits.

The M3 is pretty solid and will be the first kit to be released. We've had some trouble tuning the E90 with piggybacks but now have two solutions. We do have a solution to make the piggyback approach work that will trick out a few more sensors. However, we have put that project on hold as we are now flying a tuner out to Europe to test some software that will allow us to re-tune the factory ECU in that car. If this software works, it will be the best way for us to get the optimum tune in the E90.

E90Fleet... I haven't had any trouble with boosting as far as the valvetronic system goes. I've had troubles in other areas which I'm fairly confident I have a solution for.

ZenDriver... It takes a lot of orders to make up for the production costs associated with a complete product lifecycle development of one of these turbo kits. Unless there's a large demand, we won't be able to do something for that car.

YYDoodle... The pricing will be $9500 w/cat, $9150 w/o cat.

Ed_330i... I've often thought about doing the 750i. There really isn't any room in that car for turbos, but if we did twin turbo that vehicle, it would lay the law down. I was thinking at some point of doing one of those for my personal car since I do like the 750.

romeo26... I don't really want to speculate what the power output will be. However, it will be a significant power increase.

edy74... We may have a solution for you in about a year. It's a bit down the road.

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