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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post

Any updates? Anxious like HELL. Thanks.
Nothing really new, but Hojin should be getting very close to the Panama Canal. She's due into the PanCanal region at 5:00 am on Thu 4/17. So, essentially just a little more than 24 hours away. I am glad we have finally reached this part of the trip! Waiting out her two weeks on the Atlantic has been tough. I have been watching the Panama Canal AIS radar throughout the day and night, but it looks like she will reach the PanCanal in the early morning hours PST on Thurs when we are all asleep.

The Panama Canal seems to have a backlog of ships. Maersk Wind and Madame Butterfly are going to be late going into PH. We will have to watch Camellia Ace (arrived today) and Don Juan (due anytime) to see how their transit schedule plays out. Hojin might have to wait 2-3 days before transiting the canal. She isn't due into LA until 4/25 and PH on 4/26. It takes 6-7 days for the ship to reach SoCal once they exit the canal, so if she transits the canal on/before Sat 4/19, she could still reach the port of LA on time.

Boyd's schedule currently shows her transiting on 4/20, but that isn't set in stone. She is not officially booked to transit the canal, yet. They should set that schedule soon. I hope it is 4/19 or sooner, just to keep her close to her original schedule.