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European dash replacement

I was at the dealer last night to talk about some service. One was the dreaded passenger cupholder. They mentioned that on European dashes, the cupholders are absent, and that there is a nice trim piece there. Was considering getting that trim piece and removing the cupholders altogether. Any European drivers who can tell if that trim strip is on their car? On passenger side, between glove box and windshield, runs to the center displays.

Related story re cupholders. SUPPOSEDLY the interior design firm is located in Newbury Park, CA. They kept insisting on cupholder, while the BMW engineers said they were not needed, but instead needed larger ashtrays. Engineers were in NP, and the design team decided to take them for an "American" lunch. So they piled 4 or 5 in the car, drove over to In and Out for double-doubles combos with all the fixins. Then they parked in the lot and said "Enjoy" Supposedly the engineers then conceeded the cup holders.