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1. Getting euros at an atm once you land in Germany is your best bet & best rate. Banks in the states charge you an onerous fee. Theres a Deutsche Bank atm right at the baggage claim area at Franz Josef. Credit cards will charge you a 1% or 2% fee depending on which card you use.

3. The Brenner Pass (which I took) is probably the quickest and fairly alpine scenic. I would guess a drive through Switzerland would be more scenic?

4. Drive from Milan to Paris is great, but can be tedious. Driving in Paris is madness. You might want to consider dropping off in either Geneva or Nice and considering a train ride to Paris. Ticket would be similar in $ as gas if booked early, and you don't get a chance to ride a high speed train in europe often.

5. Get a GSM unlocked phone and get a global roaming sim. I used Definetely better than the $1.29 verizon is quoting you.

7. Finding wifi is is tough. Usually higher end hotels will have wifi access...for a fee.

8. In Munich, if you have the time......Neuschwanstein.

9. Dress dark you cant go wrong in Germany or Milan.

10. What can I say...I love meat and beer so...I loved German food