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Are those needs in order of preference? If so, and you want a much more comfortable tire, you might want to look at moving from a Max Performance Summer tire (the RE050's are defined as such by the Tire Rack) to an Ultra High Perf Summer or High Perf Summer tire. I would not bother with an all-season tire if you have snows to throw on during the winter months. Also be aware that many who have dumped their RE050's for non runflat Max Perf Summer tires report that they have much less impact harshness with the non runflats, which may argue for staying in the Max Perf Summer category.

I'm going through the same process myself with my '06 325i and my priorities are:
1. Dry grip
2. Wet grip
3. Non-runflat (thus less impact harshness)
4. Noise
5. Tread life

I'm going for the Potenza RE-01R's.