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Basically you are putting the blame on me. I was trying not to let it come to that. If we are going to air out things on e90 than here we go. The order was placed and was told it would take 3 weeks (Fact). The order did not start being made until days later because you stated the order was made late in the day (fact). The Brembos were discussed by day two as per discussion of a photo shoot (fact). You stated that it would take till the end of the day to find out if it would fit but it took three (fact). I called yesterday and no one at Marcato could help me with my order my order because you were sick, which tells me only one person had the file but despite working for the same company no one wanted to get involved with it as if it was causing problems at your company. You called this morning telling me that 10mm spacers had to be used everywhere when you initially told me only in the rear (fact). I asked to have them re-cut to fit this morning and you stated i was stuck as this was not your fault despite your acknowledgment a person from Marcato was fired for providing inacurate info as to the clearence of the BBK (fact).
Your company wanted to help me sell incorrect rims when i have not even received them yet and charge me for new ones and start over. I am a nice person and patient but not stupid.