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Originally Posted by Saigon View Post
hmm, so is the estimated arrival date for the LA port due on the 25th? how does that look? Everything on time? thanks.
There is no sign of her tonight, yet, on the AIS radar. She's due into the PanCanal anchorage in the night (actually at 5:00 am Thu morning).

The ETA for Hojin into the port of LA is 4/25 and PH is 4/26. This has not changed from the start. Some of the ships are running late going through the Panama Canal, though, and I don't know if Hojin is going to get delayed down there, too. The latest schedule shows Hojin transiting the canal on the 18th. If you add 6-7 days passage up to SoCal, that puts her on schedule into LA. We are going to have to wait and see if she gets hung up in the PanCanal region. Let's hope not. . .