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Well I WAS going to get a set of LM reps put on but here goes my saga...

I ordered the EX-M3's from Paul at EuroSpec and everything went smooth to start with. Paul is kick ass.
Well I received my rims a day or two later with spacers and when I got to the door, there were 2 boxes sitting there... 1 huge as box and 1 smaller box.
Well I knew the rims couldn't all fit in the big box so I took em in and opened them up.
It appears I was missing 2 rims.

The packing slip was for some dude in FL! but my name was on it. Apparently the sort facility made a mistake and I received someones coilovers for an E46.
I called the person and let him know that I received his package and that my package was more than likely going to him.
I called Paul and the shipping company.

Well a week later we're STILL trying to find my rims. The shipping company finally told me that someone signed for it in FL so I kept calling the other person and told him that I sent his package out in good faith and I expected the same. Well guess what... he called back 10 mins later saying it was at a friends house and he just found out...

Well I was told by the shipping company that they would OVERNIGHT the rims to me so I was cool with that but another week goes by and I still don't have the damn rims and every freakin day DHL tells me "tomorrow". Paul's pissed, I'm pissed, my uncle dies, and all I wanted was my damn rims to help me cheer up.

Well the other day, I FINALLY GET MY RIMS!!!!!


SO I had to call Paul and now we're both pissed since the shipping company dropped the box and bent both rims.

Well no more LM reps in stock anywhere so I opted for the Miro CLS reps.
Paul hooked me up with a great price.
Moral of the story...
Paul is a great person to deal with
DHL sucks major donkey balls