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Originally Posted by aztec31 View Post
I know this is an old thread but yesterday I stopped by BMW mountain view and Koorosh took me on two test drives. On a 330i E90 and a 335i E90, all I can say is wow! He took this turn at over 50mph and though he was going to lose it, the tires were squeaking, I almost pied my pants. He does push the car to the limit, a very thrilling ride non the less.

Axtec... there is no such thing as pushing a car to the limit on a city street. You really should go to a track event and have a BMW CCA instructor take you out for a spin or two... and then you'll see what it means to feel what you'll perceive to be "the limit" and I am sure the instructor will tell you is possibly little more but eight or nine tenth's of the limit.

NEW cars with NEW tires should NEVER be driven hard... especially not on the street. A new tire has what is called "casing" material on it. This is a silica compound that is used to help pop the tire out of its mold when it is manufactured. While there is a variance from tire to tire, it takes no less than 100 miles of HARD driving to wear down casing... and until that point, the tires are simply not safe for "performance" driving. For this salesman to be showboating with a passenger in a company car is beyond irresponsible... and its this sort of conduct that causes other young drivers to thing they are racing champions simply because they have a new BMW.

I am sure you had a good time with this salesman, but honestly, I'm sorry you had such a bad introduction. I hope you get some track school education that will undue the damage.


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