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Originally Posted by jefff View Post
I'm about to pickup my car next week, and the finance manager was asking $825 for 3 years of tire and rim insurance. She was only willing to take of $50. I told her that was ridiculous, and that I've seen reports of people paying much less. She told me that due to the high number of claims, the rates have increased recently. She admitted to me that they are having problems with the RFT's. It's fantastic how BWM acknowledges the problem, and then makes us pay extra to insure a defective product.

At any rate, has anyone purchased the tire and rim insurance within the past several months? If so, what did you pay, and how long was the coverage? I'm certain she's got more room to play with.

hmm.. The offered me 3 years for $825 as well, I offered $499 and they agreed without even flinching... made me think I should have tried to get it for less..