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2008 335i Sedan

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Stages of Production

Hi all!
I placed an order for my new 335i on April 9. After being given my production number, I called the 800 number and was told that my car was scheduled for completion on April 17. I called the number again on that date, only to be told it was now in the paint shop, with an estimated finish date of April 21! Is this the date that the car should be completely built, or just when it's finished being painted? Does anyone know about how long the entire manufacturing process takes until the car leaves the factory for the dock?

Also, my car is being made in the Rosslyn plant in South Africa. Does Wallenius-Wilhelmsen service this port as well as Bremerhaven, or is it a different shipping line? And do ships from South Africa sail directly for the States (I live on the East Coast, I think the car is coming into either New Jersey or NYC), or do they stop in Europe? A long voyage, to be sure.

What an incredible experience! I'm new to this whole "ordering a car from scratch" process! I'm sure it will all be worth it when I cruise (or zoom) off into the sunset in my Deep Green driving machine.

I just called the 800 number, and my car is now finished, "released to the carrier and awaiting transport to the port of exit." Hopefully there isn't a long wait for the next boat once my car reaches the dock!

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