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335d Front brake renewal.

Brakes obtained so time to fit. The numpty at the dealer gives me a set of pads for the rear, and when told their error tells me the front pads are 40 dearer

Pointing out to the div that on my receipt, it said front pads, and he could fekk off, saw a 40 saving

Most brakes are much of a muchness, so its a fairly universal procedure.

First, undo the M/C cap.

Once the wheels are off , this is the view.

Undo the 2 bolts at the rear of the caliper (18mm)

Release rattle clip

Pull caliper away, and secure with wire/tie

Undo grub screw on disc

Remove disc.

This is the time to clean the hub face with a wire brush.

New disc.


You can see how they balance the disc here.

Old/New pads

Pads fitted to caliper.

Slide caliper on.

Refit rattle clip.

Bolt the caliper up, after putting some Loctite Thread Seal on the bolts.

Caliper pins were treated to the faintest smear of copper grease as well.

Tools required, 18mm socket/ratchet.
3mm hex head
Bit of wire.

Not a good time to find out D3 rims don't fit with new pads in the calipers

A couple of 3mm spacers later, and they're on, but are coming off as soon as the pads have worn a bit.

Total time, 20 minutes a side, once the wheels are off.

Total cost 285.

Its in for a big service in a couple of weeks, fekkers are going to be gutted when they can't bolt me up for new brakes