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Originally Posted by Bimmerchop View Post
How so? Curious since I've never seen a fully vinyled car in person. It'll most likely start fading/yellowing in a few years if I were to guess...
1. vinyl does not have the same reflective properties as paint/clear. This car will just look like somebody tried polishing without letting the product break all the way down, resulting in a hazy, cloudy finish. notice how none of the cars posted above have any depth/reflectivity (barring the chrome mini, and the two green ones that apparently purposely went for a matte finish).
2. vinyl swirls. so does paint, but at least swirls can be polished out of paint.
3. it is impossible to lay this stuff down as glassy smooth as paint. if someone were to look close enough, there would be wrinkles/bubbles/imperfections in the surface. id rather have orange peel. i also imagine edges/corners would look "off".

i appreciate the novelty of the idea, but its not for me, personally.