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Originally Posted by MikeMidd View Post
Yeah, definitely will work thru the Internet guys, rather than have to haggle back and forth in the showroom.

The 335 is the preference. There are two questions. First, the more I read these boards, the more I learn about options that I didn't think I needed - that I feel like I do want now. 6FL is a great example. So the price keeps going up and up and up. At a certain point, I do have a ceiling. Second is that I will hope to have the car for many years - not just a four years and trade it in type of thing - and I'm slightly wary of the twin turbos and how that will affect long-term maintenance once the warranty runs out. Especially since it's not like most BMW mechanics (I'm thinking independent shops, not stealerships) will have much familiarity with them - though that'll change after four years, I guess.
I had the same concerns you do regarding the warranty and reliability of the twin turbos/engine/transmission. Since I, also, planned on keeping the car for more than 4 years, I decided to get the extended mechanical and maintenance warranties. You may want to consider skipping an option or two, if buying the extended warranty gives you more peace of mind.

The mechanical warranty ran me $2500, and is 7 years 100k, fyi...